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big time

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbig timeˈbig time1 noun   the big timebig-time adjective [only before noun] big-time cocaine dealers
Examples from the Corpus
big timeI know he talked to her about what it was like before Jett hit the big time.So what's it like for young David to be in the big time.It has taken him just five and a half years to make his mark in the big time.Lennie knows he hasn't any time to play with if Boro are to stay in the big time.We were both pretty excited about visiting Saigon, country boys coming in to see the big time.
big timebig time2 adverb spoken  to a very large degree Morris messed up big time.
Examples from the Corpus
big timeI lost, big time, on that investment.
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