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bilateralbi‧lat‧er‧al /baɪˈlætərəl/ ●○○ adjective  PGPPinvolving two groups or nationsbilateral relations/trade/agreements/negotiations etc bilateral negotiations between Israel and Syriabilaterally adverb multilateral, unilateral
Examples from the Corpus
bilateralThe act of the directing mind is here unilateral and not consensual and bilateral.The talks were due to include discussions of measures to reduce tension between the two states and to promote bilateral exchanges.This is an index of the average of all its bilateral rates, weighted by the pattern of trade with other countries.bilateral relations between the European Union and the U.S.Both countries have a stake in using the World Trade Organization and in not allowing trade disputes to poison bilateral relations.Perhaps then the apparent bilateral representation of language in young children was an artefact.While accounting identities always hold, they say nothing about bilateral trade deficits or surpluses.bilateral relations/trade/agreements/negotiations etcHe warned that the affair could have a lasting effect on bilateral relations.Talks centred on increasing bilateral trade and plans for a tunnel or bridge link between the two countries.While accounting identities always hold, they say nothing about bilateral trade deficits or surpluses.Agreement on the treaty had been reached in the first round of negotiations on bilateral relations in Warsaw on Oct. 30-31.Although Qian was noncommittal about early normalization of bilateral relations, the meeting itself was unprecedented, and a landmark.A few other countries have adhoc bilateral agreements with particular neighbours.
From Longman Business Dictionarybilateralbi‧lat‧er‧al /baɪˈlætərəl/ adjective involving two countriesa bilateral trade agreement
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