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bilingualbi‧lin‧gual /baɪˈlɪŋɡwəl/ ●●○ adjective  1 SLLwritten or spoken in two languages a bilingual dictionary The report proposed bilingual education in schools.2 able to speak two languages equally well Their kids are bilingual.bilingual in Louis is virtually bilingual in Dutch and German.bilingual noun [countable]monolingual
Examples from the Corpus
bilingualAbout 80 percent of the school's students are bilingual.Where bilingual ballots do fill a need is in the initiatives such as bond issues, charter amendments and the like.This is a completely bilingual city.Must have a good understanding of the ethnography of speaking in the bilingual context, particularly that of interpreted interviews.Many of the pupils are bilingual in Welsh and English.I'm bilingual - my mother was French.There is a need for talks by bilingual service providers, information tapes and videos with voice overs in different languages.In addition to this, students deepen their understanding of early literacy and a special study is made of bilingual under- fives.bilingual educationIf this measure could indeed alienate Latinos, why do several recent polls show overwhelming support from Latinos for dismantling bilingual education?The Sandinistas quickly conceded the principle of bilingual education, and incorporated local languages into the 1980 literacy crusade.It also proposed bilingual education in schools and the creation of a secretariat of external relations and an environmental agency.Here, in this otherwise familiar classroom, bilingual education is being practiced.This means that bilingual education must be focused on from an early age and given a high profile throughout the school system.Some educators pose the same kind of questions about Ebonics that have been raised about other bilingual education programs.More aid also is proposed for bilingual education, special education and school construction and repairs.
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