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biliousbil‧i‧ous /ˈbɪliəs/ adjective  1 MIfeeling as if you might vomit She felt a bilious attack coming on.2 very unpleasant bilious green walls3 BAD-TEMPERED literary bad-temperedbiliousness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
biliousHer mouth was filled with bilious acids that her stomach had sent up in sympathy.After all, it was only a bilious attack ... uncomfortable at the time, but it soon passed.We are told it was a bilious attack which had forced Désirée to take to her bed instead of the boards.One bilious attack would have been passed over as something that could happen to anyone; but two aroused suspicion.On Monday the endless time to fill suddenly collapsed, for Mrs Dummett developed a violent bilious attack.Lianas writhed towards the light from bilious decaying depths.a bilious green colorThat warlock was a bloated, horned hermaphrodite draped in bilious green skin.
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