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bill of exchange

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbill of exchangeˌbill of exˈchange noun (plural bills of exchange) [countable]  PAY FOR technical a signed document ordering someone to pay someone else a particular amount of money
Examples from the Corpus
bill of exchangeIn international trade, however, the bill of exchange still operates in this way.You may also negotiate cash advances from your bank, using the bill of exchange as security.
From Longman Business Dictionarybill of exchangeˌbill of exˈchange abbreviation b/e or, bill noun (plural bills of exchange) [countable]BANKING a document ordering someone to pay a particular amount on a fixed date, used especially in international tradeThe exporter’s bank sends the bill of exchange to its overseas branch in the importer’s country.When the buyer accepts a bill of exchange (=agrees to pay it), the exporter may arrange for it to be discounted.Essing dishonoured fourbills of exchange (=failed to pay them) drawn by Byrd to the amount of £2.39 million. backed bill bank bill bills in a set bills payable bills receivable commercial bill discharged bill discounted bill documents-against-acceptance bill documents-against-payment bill eligible bill fine trade bill non-prime bill sight bill term bill
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