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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbimbobim‧bo /ˈbɪmbəʊ $ -boʊ/ noun (plural bimbos) [countable]  informalWOMAN an insulting word for an attractive but unintelligent young woman He picked up some bimbo at the club.
Examples from the Corpus
bimboIt is also assumed that a bimbo is unintelligent, couldn't possibly have an interest in anything other than clothes and make-up.She plays an apparent bimbo who manages to outwit her boss.Backstage, Paul was surrounded by bimbos in short skirts just waiting for him to notice them.Has Hollywood scraped the barrel for bimbos?Do you know a little bimbo called June?There are stories about him turning up at parties with various bimbos on his arm - you know the kind of thing.
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