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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbinarybi‧na‧ry /ˈbaɪnəri/ adjective  1 the binary system2 TWOconsisting of two parts syn double a binary star system
Examples from the Corpus
binaryHowever, for normal fixed-point binary arithmetic, we wish to have a range of positive and negative values.In binary chopping, a state is a pair of numbers.We also welcome the abolition of the binary divide.This is usually the case when fixed-point binary format is used to represent store addresses, for example.However, we can not just do this directly, attempting to read the tape simply as a binary number.The counter's outputs are binary numbers representing 16 equidistant, cyclically generated carrier phase angles.This is known as a random binary search tree.
From Longman Business Dictionarybinarybi‧na‧ry /ˈbaɪnəri/ adjective COMPUTING relating to the system of numbers used in computers, that uses only the numbers 0 and 1All information inside the computer is stored in binary code.the binary system
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