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biodiversitybi‧o‧di‧ver‧si‧ty /ˌbaɪəʊdaɪˈvɜːsəti, -də- $ ˌbaɪoʊdaɪˈvɜːr-, -də-/ noun [uncountable] technical  the variety of plants and animals in a particular place the biodiversity of the rainforest
Examples from the Corpus
biodiversityThe scientists reassigned to the survey possess expertise in areas such as population dynamics, physiology, animal behavior, habitats and biodiversity.Both scientific and commercial biodiversity prospectors should pay fees, as mineral prospectors do.New ways of working will take taxonomy into the fast lane, providing information on species, the components of biodiversity.This is essential if the scientific quality of studies of biodiversity at the ecosystem and genetic level is not to be compromised.Instead they should restrict access to plants, control contracts and set up local industries to capitalise on biodiversity.They are part of the biodiversity of which we, as human bipeds, are also part.It is covered with primary rainforest that rivals the biodiversity of the Amazon.The newcomers can pose a threat to biodiversity by altering ecosystems.
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