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biological parent/father/mother etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbiological parent/father/mother etcbiological parent/father/mother etcFAMILYa child’s parent through birth, rather than through adoption biological
Examples from the Corpus
biological parent/father/mother etcIt's now estimated that by 2010, children in stepfamilies will actually outnumber those living with two biological parents.The hearing would decide whether the state should terminate the rights of the biological parents and put the child up for adoption.Most of the debate was really about an alleged universality of the nuclear family of married biological parents and their legitimate children.Or now, when they swear their biological father forced them to make the whole story up?My biological father is diagnosed as paranoid / schizophrenic.Adopted children and their biological parents may suffer stress long after the adoption. 4.Steven Lowe, Liverpool Who would be the biological parents of a human clone, and what legal ramifications would this have?The two candidates for the role of biological father were both Black Panthers.
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