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biometricbi‧o‧met‧ric /ˌbaɪəʊˈmetrɪk◂ $ ˌbaɪoʊ-/ adjective [usually before noun]  relating to technology that can be used to measure things such as people’s eyes or fingerprints. These measurements can be kept on computer and then used to check someone’s identity, for example when they show a passport at an airport biometric data biometric identifiers such as fingerprints or iris patterns
From Longman Business Dictionarybiometricbi‧o‧met‧ric /ˌbaɪəʊˈmetrɪk◂ˌbaɪoʊ-/ adjectiveCOMPUTING biometric measurements, for example of someone’s eyes, features, fingerprints, or voice, can be used by machines for identifying who that person ispassports containing biometric databiometric security devices such as finger scanners
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