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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbiopsybi‧op‧sy /ˈbaɪɒpsi $ -ɑːp-/ noun (plural biopsies) [countable]  MHthe removal of cells, tissue etc from someone’s body in order to find out more about a disease they may have a breast biopsy
Examples from the Corpus
biopsyIn 10 patients receiving combined chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the endoscopic lesions resolved and biopsy specimens were negative.Temporal artery biopsy is considered the definitive test in establishing the diagnosis.Liver function tests and liver biopsy may also help in establishing the diagnosis.The other biopsy specimen was maintained in organ culture with or without the addition of vitamin D metabolites.This may partly explain the lack of change in the appearance of the duodenal mucosa on serial biopsy in this condition.The endoscopes were sterilised after each examination according to local standards; the biopsy forceps were sterilised by autoclaving.The biopsies were fixed in formalin and stained with haematoxylin and eosin.The biopsies were immediately frozen at -70°C.
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