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biplanebi‧plane /ˈbaɪpleɪn/ noun [countable]  TTAa type of aircraft with two sets of wings, especially one built in the early 20th century
Examples from the Corpus
biplaneDuring 1909-1910, Charles Fletcher, Works manager, designed and built a monoplane and a biplane.I remember a faded photo of my Grandma Nell as a young woman, taking to the air in an open-cockpit biplane.I remembered the old photo of Grandma Nell holding my five-year-old dad in that open-cockpit biplane.As I have said, the general structure of these aeroplanes was quite different from the old fabric biplanes.Breath-taking flight simulation puts you at the joystick from biplane to helicopter.Mounted atop the upswept rear of the hull was a large biplane tail unit with triple fins and rudders.The biplane spun around horizontally, perhaps after being blown by a gust of wind.
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