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birchbirch /bɜːtʃ $ bɜːrtʃ/ noun  1 [countable, uncountable]HBP a tree with smooth bark (=outer covering) and thin branches, or the wood from this tree2 the birch silver birch
Examples from the Corpus
birchAll I remember is the wrenching loss as l watched the last birch disappear. l have relived it again and again.Clare could see more rusty chain around the slender, peeling, silver trunk of a nearby birch tree.An imperceptible breeze forced the leaves of a regiment of birch trees into anxious quaking.I wish to heavens I was still allowed to use the birch and belt as I did in the good old days!The birch leaves were delicately pale, almost lemon-colored.These barn sills enclose thick white birch, ash, and maple trees.I walked through hardwood forest of very thick sugar maples and yellow birches.Dark pines and yellow birches lay ahead, as the shoreline curved to meet me.
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