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birdsongbird‧song /ˈbɜːdsɒŋ $ ˈbɜːrdsɒːŋ/ noun [uncountable]  HBBthe musical noises made by birds
Examples from the Corpus
birdsongHe began talking to her about birdsong, about bird music, really.Till light and birdsong come Walloping up roads with the milk wagon.It should have been peaceful, a haven of bright birdsong and softly rustling leaves.The silence broken only by birdsong.From the garden, no other property is visible and the only sound is that of birdsong.There was only birdsong, and a splashing of water somewhere off in the woods.Hear the birdsong, and the trees rustling in the soft breeze.Then a low, warbling birdsong came clear and pure through the silence.
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