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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbisexualbi‧sex‧u‧al /baɪˈsekʃuəl/ adjective  1 SYsexually attracted to both men and women2 SY technical having features of both males and females a bisexual plantbisexual noun [countable]bisexuality /ˌbaɪsekʃuˈæləti/ noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
bisexualAlthough Tony's married, he's bisexual.Woolf believed that all human beings are basically bisexual.The other is that you're bisexual all the time, and of course you're not.The plants produce bisexual flowers and, unlike Sagittaria, have anthers and stamens in each flower.Being bisexual is a simple duality.A hairless chest would have been a great advantage for a bisexual like myself.Could I be bisexual or is this just a fantasy?I wondered what would have happened if I had told him that I was bisexual or that I liked little girls.Oberlin College has a large gay, lesbian, and bisexual student group.If the flowers are not bisexual, two other conditions can exist.Executive in search of something new - Perhaps bisexual woman, arty, young.
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