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bismuthbis‧muth /ˈbɪzməθ/ noun [uncountable]  HCMMDa grey-white metal that is often used in medicines. It is a chemical element: symbol Bi
Examples from the Corpus
bismuthOur own unpublished data on absorption from these enemas indicates that less than 0.02% of administered bismuth is absorbed.There was a significant improvement in all symptoms with both 5-ASA and bismuth enemas.These include lead and antimony, nickel, manganese and zinc, and bismuth and iron.There was no evidence of accumulation of bismuth from the enemas.There was no evidence of bismuth accumulation during the trial.Cells of the bacteria were heavily mineralised with uranium, calcium, vanadium, bismuth, selenium and sulphur.In the course of trying to identify therapeutic agents for this disease two recent studies have shown benefit with bismuth preparations.In addition, none of the patients had been treated with bismuth preparations or with immunosuppressive therapy.
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