2 noun
bite2 S3

using teeth

[countable] the act of cutting or crushing something with your teeth:
Antonio devoured half his burger in one bite.
take/have a bite (of something/out of something)
She picked up the sandwich and took a bite.
Can I have a bite of your apple?
give somebody a bite
Some fish can give you a nasty bite.
Her body was covered in bite marks.


[countable]MI a small hole made where an animal or insect has bitten you
bite of
The infection is passed by the bite of a mosquito.

a bite (to eat)

informalDF a small meal:
We had a bite to eat and a couple of drinks before the flight.


[uncountable]CT a pleasantly sharp taste:
Goat's cheese adds extra bite to any pasta dish.


[singular] a feeling of coldness:
There was no mistaking the approach of winter; he could feel its bite.

strong effect

[uncountable] a special quality in a performance, piece of writing etc that makes its arguments very effective and likely to persuade people:
The film gains incisive bite from Sellers' performance as the union chief.


[countable]DSO when a fish takes the food from a hook:
Sometimes I sit for hours and never get a bite.

another/a second bite at the cherry

British English a second chance to do something


[countable usually singular] technical the way that a person or animal's top and bottom teeth touch when their mouth is closed:
Our dentist said that Emmy should wear a brace to improve her bite.
love bite, sound bite

; ➔ somebody's bark is worse than their bite

at bark2 (4)

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