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bits and pieces

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbits and piecesbits and pieces (also bits and bobs British English)THING informal any small things of various kinds Let me get all my bits and pieces together. bit
Examples from the Corpus
bits and piecesDo any of these bits and bobs belong to you?My eyes adjusted, and things became edges, corners, bits and pieces of what they were.For the next two decades he made a sort of living finding bits and pieces of editing and translation work.The bits of information range from play dates with friends to the sometimes frightening bits and pieces of domestic violence.Not a single one had listened to it or even heard bits and pieces on the news.Why teach in bits and pieces a subject which is a whole?making a mosaic out of bits and pieces of tilesThere are all sorts of bits and pieces in this box.Storing the furniture and the bits and pieces we didn't need immediately was a bit more difficult.He circled the house, looking in, and saw nothing but the bits and pieces of ordinary living.Having chosen the size of guttering, draw up a list of the various bits and pieces you need.
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