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bitterly cold

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbitterly coldbitterly coldDNCOLDvery cold bitterly
Examples from the Corpus
bitterly coldIt was a Friday and bitterly cold.It was bitterly cold and it was raining.When morning came, bitterly cold and still dark, she had made up her mind.He wrote that it was not as he had pictured it as the weather was bitterly cold and wet with some snow.I wasn't annoyed except that it was bitterly cold, freezing.We all know how bitterly cold it is now outside; it is not very cold here, of course.On the bitterly cold morning of Sunday 13 November 1715 the two armies were woken respectively by bagpipes and trumpets.It is bitterly cold outside today, but probably not cold enough to trigger the payments.
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