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bizbiz /bɪz/ noun [singular]  informalAPTB a particular type of business, especially one relating to entertainment the music biz showbiz
Examples from the Corpus
bizCalled biz / ed, the new service can be found on the Internet, and reached via your computer and modem.Rather, it serves as an eminently readable reference book for those considering a life in food biz.Ms. Francis reports on the music biz for the magazine.We in the news biz often speculate on the potency of your influence.The answer probably lies in the complex maze of hype, distribution and luck which makes up today's rock biz.Agents, these days, they look like corporation men but Herrick was more show biz than Coco the Clown.Show biz happens to be the biggest, of course.She had come closer than anyone in the biz, had looked inside of him and seen stuff worth redeeming.It looks the biz in its racy colours, with go-faster body kit, spoilers and 15in alloys.music bizThey have a music biz ring through their noses: the last rock band.As a result, people can now place online, much to the anguish of the music biz.The music biz would rather manufacture acts than nurture artists.
From Longman Business Dictionarybizbiz /bɪz/ noun informalCOMMERCE show/music/glamour biz a particular type of business, especially one connected with entertainmentthe latestshow biz news
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