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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbizarrebi‧zarre /bəˈzɑː $ -ˈzɑːr/ ●●○ adjective  STRANGEvery unusual or strange a bizarre coincidence dancers in rather bizarre costumessee thesaurus at strangebizarrely adverb
Examples from the Corpus
bizarreThe characters Arden creates are often odd and sometimes bizarre.The marriage between the two stars was as bizarre as it was short-lived.Woods disappeared in very bizarre circumstances, and no trace of him has ever been found.The bizarre circumstances of her early life left her with a scatter-shot education and an early talent for embellishing the truth.Watching this movie is like having a bizarre, detailed series of dreams just prior to dawn.It was bizarre - if we took longer than five minutes in the bathroom, we had to explain why to our manager.A bizarre interpretation occurred to him.First, and perhaps most bizarre, is the field entitled design history.They are not just a little different, they are bizarre looking.Half the fun is working out where bizarre reality parts from realistic fantasy!bizarre religious sectsThey tell the most bizarre stories about him.Colin later took his own life in a bizarre suicide pact with his mother.
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