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black and white

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black and whiteˌblack and ˈwhite adjective  1 CCshowing pictures or images only in black, white, and greycolour black and white photos an old black and white TV2 black and white3 in black and white
Examples from the Corpus
black and whiteBut the photograph, of course, is black and white.Everything is seen in black and white.Some kind of news program comes on, in black and white.old black and white moviesHer black and white study of proud Paul holding Mary is the most surprising.With moving simplicity their posters reproduce in black and white the faces of missing parents.The situation is not black and white; we still don't know what to do.
black and whiteblack and whiteSIMPLE/NOT COMPLICATEDconsidering things in a way that is too simple and as if things are either completely good or completely bad There’s still a tendency to see the issues in black and white. black and white
Examples from the Corpus
black and white"Is the film 'Casablanca' in colour?'' "No, it's in black and white.''Co. are responding in stark black and white.That perception of inferiority in turn means that some sort of caste barrier is erected between black and white.This allows real-life 3-D objects to be digitised in both black and white and colour.The black and white feeds in a narrow range of tree species and when none is fruiting it eats leaves.There are now genuine friendships among black and white leaders and there has been progress.More than 350 colour and black and white photos, and illustrations.an exhibition of black and white photosA small black and white quarter horse was nibbling grass among the trees.Black and white TV sets are now very cheap to buy.Razor bills are black and white with deep, square bills.
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