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black humour

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishblack humourˌblack ˈhumour noun [uncountable]  JOKEjokes or funny stories that deal with the unpleasant parts of human life
Examples from the Corpus
black humourIt is one of his most heartfelt works combining all the pungency, political commitment and black humour of his best plays.Michela Wrong tells her story with the bitter black humour of those who survived the Mobutu years.Either way, it was an occasion for black humour, or at least sick jokes.An exercise in black humour set in an enclosed and hopeless world, the film ends with him remaining behind bars.There were moments of black humour as well regarding the safety of deaf people in wartime conditions.No, not at all; it's a witty seriousness, black humour, or whatever you want to call it.That was the true black humour of colleagues I thought were my mates.Even the problems have unexpected black humour, such as the last-breath-of-a-dying man problem.
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