2 noun
blame2 [uncountable]
responsibility for a mistake or for something badCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
take/accept the blame (=say that something is your fault) get the blame (=be blamed) put/lay/pin/place the blame (for something) on somebody (=blame someone, especially for something that is not their fault) share the blame apportion/assign blame formal (=blame someone) shift the blame (onto somebody) (=blame someone else for something you did) the blame lies with somebody (=used to say that someone did something)
blame for
Do you accept any blame for what happened?
You can't expect Terry to take all the blame.
I always get the blame for his mistakes!
She stole the money but she's trying to put the blame on me.
The court ruled that the child's parents must share the blame for the accident.
We are not here to apportion blame.
It's no use trying to shift the blame onto other people.
In my opinion, the blame lies with the police.
see usage note fault1WORD CHOICE: WORD CHOICE:

fault, blame, mistake
If someone causes something bad, you can say that it is their fault or that they are to blame The accident was my fault. Nobody is to blame for what happened. !! Do not say that someone 'has the/a etc fault' We didn't think that it was our fault OR that we were to blame (NOT that we had any fault).!! Do not say that something is 'someone's blame'.Use fault to mean something that is wrong with a machine or system, or something that you could criticize about a person or thing The car engine had developed a fault. The book's only fault is that it is too long.Use mistake to mean something that is wrong in someone's grammar, spelling, calculations, decisions etc Please correct any mistakes (NOT faults) in my letter.See also fault

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