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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishblandishmentsblan‧dish‧ments /ˈblændɪʃmənts/ noun [plural] formal  PERSUADEpleasant things that you say in order to persuade or influence someone How sensible she had been to resist his blandishments.
Examples from the Corpus
blandishmentsBut he soon learned that such bribes and blandishments would not help his case.Forget the smooth, caramelized blandishments of cognac.How sensible she had been not to give way to any of his blandishments.They introduce into our austerities their Italianate blandishments.He mistrusted ravishment by charm, spiritual appeal, force, wit or other blandishments.But this remedy fails to confront the reality of a male youth culture nearly immune to all the blandishments of established society.
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