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blanket statement/rule/ban etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishblanket statement/rule/ban etcblanket statement/rule/ban etcEVERYONEALL/EVERYTHINGa statement, rule etc that affects everyone or includes all possible cases the proposed blanket ban on tobacco advertising a blanket strategy blanket
Examples from the Corpus
blanket statement/rule/ban etcCine Blitz International publisher Rajesh Mehra attacked the blanket ban.The existing blacklist of substances not to be dumped at sea would be superseded by the blanket ban.The ban is a blanket ban covering all marches or all marches of a particular class such as political marches.The state bar would prefer to set a blanket rule governing all types of lawyers.One of the most urgent measures is a blanket ban on all animal and bone meal in animal feed.They already had been instructed to avoid Simpson coverage, but Fujisaki expanded his order to a blanket ban on all news.His support for a 15-month blanket ban on strikes suggests that he is still not wholly aware of this fact.The idea behind this imposition of blanket bans was to prevent the temptation to discriminate against particular marches.
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