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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishblasébla‧sé /ˈblɑːzeɪ $ blɑːˈzeɪ/ adjective  DON'T CAREnot worried or excited about things that most people think are important, impressive etcblasé about He’s very blasé about money now that he’s got that job.
Examples from the Corpus
blaséA trip to Disneyland excited even my blasé teenagers.Despite his air of blasé , there was something childlike and curious about Andy Warhol.I was surprised by Carol's blasé attitude.People have become blasé about the violence they see on their TV screens.She used to be very meticulous about her work but she's becoming very blasé.Health experts would undoubtedly argue that Sara's blasé attitude makes her a prime target for infection.Her whole air was arrogant and blasé.
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