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blasphemyblas‧phe‧my /ˈblæsfəmi/ noun (plural blasphemies) [countable, uncountable]  RRCINSULTsomething you say or do that is insulting to God or people’s religious beliefsblasphemous adjective The book has been widely condemned as blasphemous.blasphemously adverb
Examples from the Corpus
blasphemyVictor's plan for this creature's coming resurrection would be a blasphemy.For his blasphemy and irresponsible behaviour, he was doomed to wander about like a sea-tossed ghost, never to rest again.The word itself is sacred, and to suggest otherwise is blasphemy.Wilful impediment of the sacred moves was not only ill-mannered, but the worst form of blasphemy.They would be joined by the H-P contingent, a cautious lot sensitive to all sorts of blasphemies against previously held wisdom.They are also interpretations that do not tolerate challenges - either in the form of offences against the king or blasphemy.Was he relishing this moment, deliberately prolonging it in anticipation out of bile at the cadet's blasphemy?It was too close to blasphemy to be comfortable.
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