Language: Old English
Origin: bl├Žst


1 noun
Related topics: Colours and Sounds, Nature
blast1 [countable]


DN a sudden strong movement of wind or air
blast of
A blast of cold air swept through the hut.


an explosion, or the very strong movement of air that it causes
Thirty-six people died in the blast.
bomb/shotgun/nuclear etc blast
A bomb blast completely destroyed the building.

loud noise

C a sudden very loud noise, especially one made by a whistle or horn
blast on
The station master gave a blast on his whistle and we were off.
long/short blast
a long trumpet blast

(at) full blast

as powerfully or loudly as possible:
I had the gas fire going full blast.
The radio was on at full blast.


a blast

informal an enjoyable and exciting experience:
The concert was a blast.
We had a blast at the fair.


a sudden strong expression of a powerful emotion
blast of
She was totally unprepared for the blast of criticism she received.

a blast from the past

informal something from the past that you remember, see, or hear again, and that reminds you of that time in your life:
That's a blast from the past. No one has called me that for years.

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