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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishblatantbla‧tant /ˈbleɪtənt/ ●○○ adjective  BADsomething bad that is blatant is very clear and easy to see, but the person responsible for it does not seem embarrassed or ashamed blatant discriminationsee thesaurus at obviousblatantly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
blatantIt's debatable whether that statement is true or not but it was certainly pretty blatant.But there is also something dangerously blatant about it.The company's refusal to hire him was a blatant act of discrimination.a blatant disregard for public safetya blatant lieTechnological change, however, is less blatant, more insidious, more gradual and more effective.Stripped of brand identity, the blatant potency of advertising imagery is laid bare.No one expected Jackson to succeed in such a blatant revival of the Cold War.We are asked to love and question and take care of our bodies; blatant self-destruction has no place here.At first I tried ignoring his blatant sexual hints and stares.The bad news is that publishers are succumbing more and more often to the most blatant sort of greed.But the ballot stuffing was so blatant that even the Labor Department was roused to do something.
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