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blaze of publicity/glory

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishblaze of publicity/gloryblaze of publicity/gloryPRAISEa lot of public attention or success and praise As soon as the trial was over, the blaze of publicity surrounding him vanished. She played the Canada tournament, then retired, going out in a blaze of glory (=ending her career with a lot of success and praise). blaze
Examples from the Corpus
blaze of publicity/gloryHe did not exactly do it in a blaze of glory.Intercar was launched in a blaze of publicity in 1985 as one of the country's first cut-price car supermarkets.Whenever their conflicting playing schedules allowed, these two attractive superstars of sport managed to meet in a blaze of publicity.They went out in a blaze of glory.I am launching my new sport soon in a blaze of publicity.A blaze of glory, a fury of passion that left them weak and trembling in each other's arms.As soon as Hitler's trial was over, the blaze of publicity surrounding him vanished.
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