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bleeperbleep‧er /ˈbliːpə $ -ər/ noun [countable] British English  TCTa small machine that you carry with you, that makes short high electronic sounds to tell you that you must telephone someone syn pager, beeper American English
Examples from the Corpus
bleeperI think they must have had a bleeper on my car.Its president had a bleeper attached to her belt.At one stage a bleeper went off in the press gallery which woke up one or two slumbering hacks.A bleeper sounds in the cab if the hoe is unable to distinguish the rows for a long time.The problem is, you have to catch the selfish bleepers first.Recently Kelly explained how her parents carry a special bleeper which would go off when a suitable transplant donor was found.He casually allowed his jacket to fall open revealing the bleeper and the computerized personal memo on his belt.
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