Language: Old English
Origin: bletsian, from blod 'blood'; because blood was used in religious ceremonies


Related topics: Religion
bless S3 [transitive]

bless you!

a) what you say when someone sneezes
b) used to thank someone for doing something for you

bless (him/her etc)

spoken used to show that you are fond of someone, amused by them, or pleased by something they have done:
He's always willing to help. Bless him!
'Jess made this card for me.' 'Bless!'

be blessed with something

to have a special ability, good quality etc:
We're both blessed with good health.
4 if God blesses someone or something, he helps and protects them:
May God bless you.
5RR to ask God to protect someone or something:
The couple later had their marriage blessed in their local parish church.
6RR to make something holy:
Then the priest blesses the bread and wine.

bless my soul/I'll be blessed!

old-fashioned spoken used to express surprise

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