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bless (him/her etc)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbless (him/her etc)bless (him/her etc)spokenENJOY/LIKE DOING something used to show that you are fond of someone, amused by them, or pleased by something they have done He’s always willing to help. Bless him! ‘Jess made this card for me.’ ‘Bless!’ bless
Examples from the Corpus
bless (him/her etc)Such a prestigious credit was something of a mixed blessing.Orphism, as the other Hellenistic mystery religions, claimed to teach its adepts the means of securing a blessed immortality.So much undervalued this fish and yet St Peter himself has blessed it with his thumb-mark.Hence, the blessing of bread on her feast day.Riggs said Clinton administration representatives agreed to the further funding restriction in return for congressional leaders' blessing of the spending bill.Suddenly the door bell rang and she blessed that she'd blissed the afternoon away.They love every minute of it, too, bless their hearts particularly the scandals.I will bless those who bless you and whoever curses you, I will curse.
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