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blessedbless‧ed /ˈblesɪd/ adjective  1 [only before noun] spokenANNOY used to express annoyance Now where have I put that blessed book?2 [only before noun]ENJOY/LIKE DOING something very enjoyable or desirable a few moments of blessed silence3 RRholy the Blessed Virginblessedly adverbblessedness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
blessedWe are truly blessed.Blessed are the peacemakers.And I hadn't thought of the blessed man in the last two hours - at least barely thought.I tasted the blessed rain on my lips, drinking it even while the People complained.Drink was always a problem for some executioners, though it doubtless provided a blessed relief from their horrific duties.Once a standing position has been attained, the face above will come as a blessed relief!The pudding went down like a dream, in blessed silence, and Christopher and Francis disappeared to brew coffee.a few minutes of blessed silenceThrough that illusion she had walked with blessed speed, and out beyond it into a world of other possibilities.And then there was blessed stillness.I couldn't remember a blessed thing.
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