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blessingbless‧ing /ˈblesɪŋ/ ●○○ noun  1 something GOOD/HELPFUL[countable]GOOD/EXCELLENT something that you have or something that happens which is good because it improves your life, helps you in some way, or makes you happy The dishwasher has been a real blessing!it is a blessing (that) It’s a blessing no one was badly hurt.2 APPROVAL[uncountable]APPROVE someone’s approval or encouragement for a plan, activity, idea etcwith somebody’s blessing They were determined to marry, with or without their parents’ blessing. The Defense Department has given its blessing to the scheme.3 a mixed blessing4 a blessing in disguise5 count your blessings6 FROM GOD[countable, uncountable]RR protection and help from God, or words spoken to ask for this The priest gave the blessing.
Examples from the Corpus
blessingThe store is a blessing for those on a budget.It allows patients to live a more normal life, which is a blessing.Until then she had not even known she needed a blessing.Poor Jonas' death was a blessing in disguise, though one could wish it had happened differently.Know that every year brings its own peculiar mix of disasters and blessings.Many come here to ask blessings for an ill or injured loved one.He was counting his blessings having backed the first 3 horses that actually finished the race.Mayor Wharton gave the proposal his blessing.Darren and Teresa planned to live together before they got married, with their parents' blessing.One of the most bizarre things I saw was the lengthy and intricate preparation for the blessing of a new furniture store.Hence, the blessing of bread on her feast day.Or perhaps he was waiting for them to start counting their blessings there and then.has given ... blessing toThe Clinton administration has given its blessing to the force's creation.