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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishblighterblight‧er /ˈblaɪtə $ -ər/ noun [countable] British English old-fashioned informal  1 SYMPATHIZEJEALOUSused to talk about someone that you feel sorry for or jealous of Poor old blighter. You lucky blighter!2 BAD PERSONa bad or unpleasant person
Examples from the Corpus
blighterNot much cop considering that the game requires a hefty one hundred of the little blighters to be meandering about at once!Pity the poor blighter couldn't spell.Poor blighter was hanged and we were dancing the night away.He was a punctilious blighter and I can't see him using the Lab as a convenient place for a rendezvous.They found the blighter in Cricklewood - or what was left of him.Poor Ireland finally ran the blighters out about twenty-five years after you died.The blighters have even been immortalised in the history books.You know, you needn't follow this blighter out.
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