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blind spot

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blind spotˈblind spot noun [countable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 UNDERSTANDsomething that you are unable or unwilling to understand πŸ”Š I have a blind spot where computers are concerned.2 TTCTTRthe part of the road that you cannot see when you are driving a car3 HBHthe point in your eye where the nerve enters, which is not sensitive to light
Examples from the Corpus
blind spotβ€’ It is as though the panel has developed a blind spot which does not admit the possibility that the newcomer might win.β€’ The trouble was, Tweed was thinking, Paula had a blind spot where Dalby was concerned.β€’ Critics accuse him of having a blind spot on issues of ethics.β€’ Our persistent cultural blind spot on the effects of such exclusion is now proving to be very problematic.β€’ He knew if some one was standing in the blind spot directly behind him, he was in trouble.β€’ It was the blind spot of the internationalist Left.
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