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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishblindingblind‧ing /ˈblaɪndɪŋ/ adjective  1 BRIGHT[usually before noun] so bright or strong that you cannot see properlyblinding flash/light/glare etc the desert with its strange twisted plants and its blinding lightblinding rain/snow/heat etc I struggled back to the hut through blinding rain.see thesaurus at bright2 blinding headache3 blinding realization/clarity/revelation etc4 GOOD/EXCELLENT British English spoken informal very good and enjoyable It’s a blinding album.
Examples from the Corpus
blindingThe sun on the snow is blinding.The hours expanded in deeper and deeper heat, until the air split and the rain was all but blinding.The first bomb exploded with a blinding crack that swayed the truck on its springs.There was a blinding flash and then a loud bang.It still burned with a harsh, blinding glare and through it she could see vague shapes, presumably the others.The blinding glare of our headlights frightened the deer.The driver pressed the switch fully down and the beam became of blinding intensity.There ensued a blinding light and then blackness.The shop assistant, staring idly through his shop-window, saw the school bus approaching its stop, through almost blinding rain.With a blinding roar the creature reached out.blinding flash/light/glare etcFull awareness and memory returned in a blinding flash.They made out a shadowy form in front of them, by shielding their eyes against the blinding glare.There ensued a blinding light and then blackness.It still burned with a harsh, blinding glare and through it she could see vague shapes, presumably the others.Lois could see through the hall and all the way back, where blinding light bounced off the patio.A blinding flash illuminated the darkness, and the terrible discharge of musketry resounded through the woods.The blinding light like no other light one had ever seen.The heretofore brilliant, often blinding light of classical culture was gradually reduced to a pitiful flicker.
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