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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishblisteringblis‧ter‧ing /ˈblɪstərɪŋ/ adjective  1 HOTextremely hot syn blazing the blistering heat of the desert2 blistering attack/criticism etc3 used to describe actions in sport that are very fast or forceful Hamilton set a blistering pace.blisteringly adverb a blisteringly hot day
Examples from the Corpus
blisteringCollegians scored three tries in a blistering 12 minute spell early in the second-half to kill the match.A closing 73 gave him victory by three shots over Bernhard Langer and Ian Woosnam who finished with a blistering 62.Only the blistering 911 Turbo is quicker.Recent shows at Ronnie Scott's saw blistering fretwork augmented by some snazzy digital sounds.Parts had been seared by blistering heat, or buckled by terrible impact.Mattan and the yellow jersey were right in the middle of the pack as it peddled hard in the blistering heat.A blistering July sun, a cloudless blue sky and the wine-dark seas without even a ripple to show for themselves.Reynolds it was who strung together the rackets that made those blistering returns.blistering summer days
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