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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishblitheblithe /blaɪð $ blaɪð, blaɪθ/ adjective  1 DON'T CAREseeming not to care or worry about the effects of what you do a blithe disregard for the facts2 HAPPY literary happy and having no worriesblithely adverb He seems blithely unaware of how much anger he’s caused.
Examples from the Corpus
blitheSaconi was in there at one of the tables, blithe and ambivalent in the diffused natural light.She wasn't the same Juliet Avery who had cycled to the hospital yesterday morning, blithe and carefree.Mary spoke with blithe certainty about her future.Around the conference centre, the party rocks on with blithe disregard for the economic and political turbulence beyond.Nobody should be too blithe here either.As for the promise to ban fox-hunting, it was given with such a blithe nonchalance as to be spine-chilling.When Claire left, the blithe people followed her.But this knowledge is not so easily acquired as blithe references to the problem might suggest.
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