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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbloatedbloat‧ed /ˈbləʊtɪd $ ˈbloʊ-/ adjective  1 BIGfull of liquid, gas, food etc, so that you look or feel much larger than normal a red bloated face I feel really bloated after that meal.2 if you describe an organization as bloated, you mean that it is too big and does not work effectively the bloated state bureaucracy
Examples from the Corpus
bloatedSanta's first shock came from the tape measure - the Claus tum measured a bloated 47 inches.I felt so bloated after Thanksgiving dinner.Once, before she was born, her father had found a curious bloated and boggle-eyed fish on the shore.Gobbla, his hugely bloated and eternally hungry Cave Squig would feed well.Even their baby is bloated, and wanting more.bloated fish, floating in the riverthe bloated government bureaucracyI feel really bloated. I wish I hadn't eaten so much.It is a star in serious trouble, with bright bloated lobes of gas swelling off it, announcing its death throes.There, in the bloated stomach of that snake, Pula's story ended.He fell onto the sofa, his stomach bloated with food.
From Longman Business Dictionarybloatedbloat‧ed /ˈbləʊtədˈbloʊ-/ adjectiveCOMPUTING software that is bloated uses too much of a computer’s memory, and does not work in an efficient wayThe reviewer thought that the software was too bloated and inelegant.
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