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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishblobblob /blɒb $ blɑːb/ noun [countable]  1 LIQUIDa very small round mass of a liquid or sticky substanceblob of a blob of honey2 SEEsomething that cannot be clearly seen, especially because it is far away Without a telescope, the comet will look like a fuzzy blob.
Examples from the Corpus
blobBlobs of wax had dripped from the candle onto the table cloth.Rita dropped a blob of paint on the new carpet.Put a blob of glue on each surface and carefully press together.Then I saw a blob of something floating in the water.Astronomers say the comet will look like a fuzzy blob in the southwestern sky.A big pink blob of a face was at the window, peering in at him.Thirty-two-year-old Mike Keneally managed to transform himself from a 28-stone blob into a 14-stone hunk.And then she picked up the map and stared at the blobs of green and yellow in the Aegean Sea.Some were no more than motionless translucent blobs.All I could see, as usual, with my untrained eye, were blobs and shadows.
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