2 verb
block2 S3 [transitive]
1 also block up to prevent anything moving through a space by being or placing something across it or in it:
A fallen tree is blocking the road.
The sink's blocked up.

block somebody's way/path/exit/escape etc

to stand in front of someone, so that they cannot go past:
I tried to get through, but there were people blocking my way.
3 to stop something happening, developing, or succeeding:
The Senate blocked publication of the report.
laws designed to block imports of cheap tobacco

block somebody's view

to be in front of someone so that they cannot see something:
The huge building across the street blocked our view of the sea.
5 also block out to stop light reaching a place:
Can you move? You're blocking my light.
6 to stop a ball, a blow etc from getting to where your opponent wants it to:
a shot blocked by the goalkeeper

block somebody/something ↔ in

phrasal verb
1 to park your car too close to another car, so that the other one cannot drive away
2 to paint or draw simple shapes or areas of colour:
I'll just block in the main buildings.

block sth↔ off

phrasal verb
TTR to completely close something such as a road or an opening:
Police blocked off the city centre streets.
The fireplace had been blocked off.

block sth↔ out

1 to stop light reaching a place:
There was a heavy curtain blocking out the light.
2 to stop yourself thinking about something or remembering it:
a memory so terrible that she tried to block it out

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