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blood/sperm/organ bank

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishblood/sperm/organ bankblood/sperm/organ bankHBHa place where human blood etc is stored until someone needs it bank
Examples from the Corpus
blood/sperm/organ bankBut where had his Glover genes come from if his father was in a sperm bank?Fertility clinics and sperm banks in the United States often are privately run and are subject to few government restrictions.In 1987, the agency had directed blood banks to similarly disqualify donors who have received pituitary-derived growth hormone.The World Around Us Fascinating topics for young learners ranging from blood banks to deserts.In person, however, they have matured about as much as a sperm in a deep frozen sperm bank.Still, there was always food here at the blood bank as well as plenty of sweetened fluids to quickly restore energy.The chief donors to sperm banks were medical students.
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