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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbloodbathblood‧bath /ˈblʌdbɑːθ $ -bæθ/ noun [singular]  KILLthe violent killing of many people at one time syn massacre
Examples from the Corpus
bloodbathPolitical leaders claim to be fed up with big-budget bloodbaths, but market forces are blowing the other way.The eighteen-month bloodbath that ensued took place in inhabited areas, not in the hinterlands.Both men know the only way ahead to avoid a national racial bloodbath is to get together and start talking again.Clark was named by police as they launched a manhunt following the bloodbath in the market town of Melksham, Wilts.Our decision to back Tito led to our ally Mihailovich's execution and today's Yugoslav bloodbath.
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