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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbloodstainblood‧stain /ˈblʌdsteɪn/ noun [countable]  MARKa mark or spot of bloodbloodstained adjective a bloodstained handkerchief
Examples from the Corpus
bloodstainThe text said that the stains were believed to be bloodstains, not that they were.I know where the body was lying, because we found bloodstains.Who will dream my face as white as wedding sheets, my lips vague as laundered bloodstains?The cave was empty and no bloodstains could be seen anywhere.There is no indication that Hollywood is turning over a new leaf, free of bloodstains.And they still drag out those photographs I took of the splashes and use them to illustrate lectures on bloodstains.There were bloodstains on the floor.At any rate, the boat was scuttled, and there were stains on it that they thought were bloodstains.I choose to believe he was merely a slob rather than inefficient enough to walk around with bloodstains from his last victim.
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