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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishblotchblotch /blɒtʃ $ blɑːtʃ/ noun [countable]  MARKa pink or red mark on the skin, or a coloured mark on somethingblotchy adjectiveblotched adjective
Examples from the Corpus
blotchThe mouth flew open wider this time, a blotch of sick color.When grown in subdued light, the leaves become greenish-brown or bronze colour with greenish blotches.The patient had purple blotches under his eyes.I first noticed the purple blotches on my neck on Thursday.On Thursday night Chris came out in dark red blotches.That red blotch in the painting is supposed to be the sun.He had no idea what was causing the red blotches on his skin.Shimmering on the surface of the water were massive, shiny blotches of oil.Better that those blotches meant nose cancer; at least I could go to the hospital and get flowers.Uneven blotches and crinkly patches are on the leaf surface.Changes in sea temperature or salinity can cause the algae to leave, causing white blotches to form.If there are none of the white blotches that mean hemorrhage, he begins an examination to diagnose stroke.
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