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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishblotterblot‧ter /ˈblɒtə $ ˈblɑːtər/ noun  1 [countable]DHH a large piece of blotting paper kept on top of a desk2 [countable] American EnglishPGSC a book in which an official daily record is kept the police blotter3 [uncountable] American English informal the drug LSD
Examples from the Corpus
blotterShe checked, but saw only a few photographs of a passing-out parade, a map, some pens and a blotter.The sawdust gathered on her blotter with ugly subtleness, like dandruff on a collar.With mounting excitement which neither betrayed they moved over to the desk and peered intently at the blotter.This had covered the blotter so that he had really only seen it for a short time.At the top of the blotter, where the pencils should be, is a pencil-case.There was a silence, the Matron, who was a Miss Cress, tapping her fountain pen lightly on the blotter.
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