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blow somebody a kiss

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishblow somebody a kissblow somebody a kissKISSto kiss your hand and then pretend to blow the kiss towards someone She leant out of the window and blew him a kiss. blow
Examples from the Corpus
blow somebody a kissAnd she blew down a kiss.Dinah was at the near window, saw him, and blew a kiss.He gave them a huge grin and blew them a kiss.She blew him little kisses, and he felt love and pangs of something that frightened him.Joe blew her a kiss and set off again.I wanted to blow her a kiss but there was nothing in me to send her way.Blow Grandma a kiss, Katie.For him to blow a kiss to the gallery was one thing.She blew a kiss to Tunney, and scampered up a wall like a spider.
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